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What Is a TFT Touch Screen?

If you’ve ever used a smartphone, tablet or touch screen computer, you’ve likely used a Thin Film Transistor touch screen. A TFT touch screen is a combination device that includes a TFT LCD display and a touch technology overlay on the screen. The device can both display content and act as an interface device for […]

The Hair Cuticle

The hair cuticle is the outermost part of the hair shaft. It is formed from dead cells, overlapping in layers, which form scales that strengthen and protect the hair shaft. Although the cuticle is the outermost layer, it is not responsible for the color of the hair. Melanin found in the cortex is the pigment […]

Garden RGB Light Feature

This light fountain is a delight for any garden day or night. It’s made with parts from our store. Click the image below to view the items in our store. The Jug This sleek looking watering jug with Flower Sprinkler has the perfect look especially when laminated with green light from the base. It is […]